Foster Care Case Manager

Company Name:
Methodist Children's Home Society
Position Type:
A Foster Care Caseworker provides referrals for foster children and their birth families as well as intervention for foster parents. The caseworker formulates and assesses case plans and appears in court when necessary.
To be successful, a Foster Care Case Manager must be able to do the following:
Provide casework and supportive services to birth parents and foster children and families;
Provide referrals to children and their parents in foster care;
Arrange and coordinate the admission and discharge of children into foster care;
Maintain collateral contacts with the Michigan Department of Human Services, schools, juvenile courts, medical personnel, and other individuals, agencies, or organizations who impact on the delivery of services to foster children;
Represent cases in court, make assessments and recommendations based upon the best interests of the child;
Formulate case plans, write case reports, and maintain case records;
Assess cases, discuss problems and formulate strategies for improved delivery of service; and
Participate and assist in foster parent training
Education and Experience
Graduation from an accredited college or university with a minimum of a Bachelor's degree in a human behavioral science (
Social Work,
Family Ecology,

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